Buying Credits

Market prices will be dictated due to supply and demand and can fluctuate hourly.

Credits you want to buy:

We will sell you credits for:

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Payment Via Visa or Mastercard (Add 2%)
*you can claim back GST

You Save


*Savings based on standard NZTA direct cost of credit (GST Exempt), less our discounted cost GST exclusive.

Credits you want to sell:

Thanks for the opportunity, we will buy your credits for:

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GST Inclusive

A Simple Process


Log-in and enter the number of credits you would like to buy. We use Realtime sell prices and you will see our quote for you to buy instantly (quotes for over 500 will be referred). Happy with our price? Click on the Accept Quote tab.

Automatic Invoice

Our system automatically generates an invoice. You have the option of paying by credit card (a 2% card fee applies) or bank transfer.

Credit Processing

Allow up to 1 hour during business hours for the credit transfers to be processed into your account upon credit card payment approval or screen shot bank transfer confirmation. We will then transfer the credits into your CO2 account.

Accept Transfer

Accept our transfer in your CCS CO2 account and start using them. It’s as easy as that.

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