Selling Credits

Market prices will be dictated due to supply and demand and can fluctuate hourly. Simply log-in and enter the number of credits you would like to sell.

Credits you want to buy:

We will sell you credits for:

$ Avg $
Plus GST $* Total $

Payment Via Visa or Mastercard (Add 2%)
*you can claim back GST

You Save


*Savings based on standard NZTA direct cost of credit (GST Exempt), less our discounted cost GST exclusive.

Credits you want to sell:

Thanks for the opportunity, we will buy your credits for:

$ Avg $

GST Inclusive

A Simple Process

Quote to Offer

You will see our quote to offer to buy instantly (quotes for over 300 credits will be referred). We use Realtime buy prices. Happy with our price? Click on the Accept Quote tab, enter your CO2 number, then we will issue an automatic purchase order.

GST Invoice

Send us your GST invoice if GST registered and confirmation that you have the sufficient credits available to transfer. (Screenshot of CCS Dashboard which will show credits and transfer tab confirms you are AML certified).

Funds Transferred

We will transfer the funds direct into your nominated bank account (this must be in the name of the CO2 account holder).

Payment Confirmed

You will then receive payment confirmation from us. Allow up to 3 hours during business hours for payment to be received into your account. We will send screenshot confirmation.

Transfer Received

Once received, then you must transfer the credits into our CO2 account the same day. It’s as easy and safe as that.

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