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Is there a minimum amount I can buy or sell?

The volume you can trade can alter at any time but will automatically default to the highest level if you go beyond that limit. If you would like to purchase or sell credits above the limit, feel free to contact us direct for a chat to see what we can do.

Do I need to be Anti Money Laundering (AML) certified?

Not with CO2X. You will need to be AML certified with NZTA to receive or sell credits. Once certified approved thru NZTA, you will not need to go thru the same process with C02x.

We urgently need to register a car and need the transfer done immediately, how can you help?

Call us on 0800 CO2XNZ that’s 0800 26 29 69 and we will process your credit card with your authorisation over the phone and transfer the credits to your CO2 account while you’re on the phone.

I’m not a dealer but have imported a private car, can I buy credits off CO2x?

Yes, if you are AML certified you can buy from CO2X regardless of whether you’re a dealer or not. Likewise, the same principle applies if you are wanting to sell your credits.

Is it cheaper for me to buy more credits at a time?

We work on a pro-rata basis, so yes, the higher volume you buy the average price comes down although all amounts are competitively priced.

In addition, after you have purchased a combined over 1,000 credits with CO2x. you will receive a 12 month discount for all future purchases irrelevant of volume.

I’ve bought some credits of CO2x but have changed my mind, can I have a refund?

No refunds but you can resell back to CO2X thru the “Selling Credits page”

I’ve got a quote; how long does that apply for?

The quote is valid for that business day only and only after the “accept quote” tab is clicked.

With sell your credits, the quote is valid for that day only but only becomes valid and a contract when funds a transferred into your account by CO2X ltd.

If I’m wanting to buy or sell high volume of credits, Is CO2x capable of handling our requirements?

Yes, we already, have agreements in place for high volume transfers on a regular basis and happy to discuss if we can accommodate your volume.

What are the CO2 values g/km legislated moving forward and what is the average gram cost with NZTA if I pay for my credits direct with them.

At the end of 2023 figures were Passenger 145, commercial 218.3 and $18 per gram PG (pay as you go) used GST Exempt. These are rates and future rates as at 31-Dec-2023. These rates are due to be altered as detailed on 9-July 2024 statement form the Minister of Transport Simeon Brown. We will update as soon as confirmed.

2024 Passenger 133.9 commercial 201.9 and $18 per gram PG used.

2025 Passenger 112.6 commercial 155 and $27 per gram PG used.

2026 Passenger  84.5 commercial 116.3 and $27 per gram PG used.

2027 Passenger 63.3 commercial 87.2 and $27 per gram PG used.

Does it cost anything to register?

No. Registration is free. Nice and easy to complete as well.

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